10 Great Jobs for People with Disabilities

If you have a disability, you know that you need work to be more accommodating to you. The following is a list of ten great jobs for people with disabilities:


  1. Receptionist


A receptionist is a lower stress position. You get to sit most of the day. If there are a few tasks you can’t perform, people around you can easily pick up the slack. That is why if you have a disability, then the reception will be less taxing.


  1. Freelance Writer


There are a lot of places looking for creative people to work from home. If you simply have problems with mobility, then writing might be the job for you. Also, many people with mental illnesses will find that the stress of working with co-workers is reduced.


  1. Nanny


A nanny is a responsible role, but you can handle it. Most people just want caring individuals looking after their children. If you cannot move as much, that is still alright. Children just need someone who is there.


  1. Tutor


Often, you can tutor children from their homes, or at a center. Either way, you will have the joy of helping them learn. Chances are you’ve developed your own strategies for making it through school.


  1. Change Room Attendant


This job often involves stocking towels and keeping the patrons happy. You might not do any cleaning. It is a low-stress job that even people with Down’s Syndrome can be employed to do.


  1. Florist


Working with flowers can be therapeutic. If you are under the direction of someone that knows what they are doing, you can play the role of the assistant. It is a relaxing task. LearnĀ fast growing garden plants and you can make a lot of money!


  1. Cashier at a Hospital Cafeteria


Most of the time, hospitals allow these people to sit as they are ringing things through. You can let your boss know if you need to sit while doing the job. You will be busy at certain rushes, but some of the time you will be just waiting and relaxing. This is especially true if you do the night shift. If you love to mix up your schedule, then this might be the position for you.


  1. Lifeguard


This is a role that gets lots of breaks. It’s not good for people with intellectual disabilities or physical impairments. However, if you just need a job that is less work, this is a good one. The pools are usually stacked full with lots of guards on, or completely empty. Either way, you can sit and guard. Most of the time you only work fifteen minutes every hour.


  1. Model


If you are beautiful or have a unique look, then modeling could be for you. There are so many types of models these days. Gone are the times when only rail thin people got to model. This might be true in high fashion, but that’s it. So, if you like trying things on and posing for the camera, this could be a good fit.


  1. Temping


People who need part-time work often temp. They are the type of people who usually need a supplement to disability. You can choose how much you work based on the assignments that you accept. It is perfect for a person who needs extra cash.